Living in Chianti, one cannot forget to mention our famous good red wine. Therefore, we will frequently propose some interesting articles to give you some useful information or ideas on the main product of our territory.

Today, starting this first chapter on Chianti Classico, among the many beautiful periods of the year that colour our beautiful area, we can certainly suggest to you to come during the harvest time in September. In addition to being a very interesting moment of the grape harvest, which in theory concludes the hard work of the entire year, the whole period in and of itself relates to a long tradition that has been handed down for many years.
And it is precisely for this reason that along the roads you travel, you can breathe an air of great celebration. From the steep fields, where from the early morning you can already hear the coming and going of tractors, along the rows alternate with colorful baskets full of grapes, the tired singing of the workers still rejoices joyfully.

This is the magic atmosphere that has always been felt in our hills and valleys and once again we have to thank our ancestors for having transferred that feeling and desire to continue to celebrate at the end of a long and tiresome day of work, feeling the need to gather as community, no longer just around a good table, but placing the wine at the center of their vision of a unique, original and high quality product.
From that moment, just fifty years ago one of the most important and traditional “wine festivals” in Italy was born in Greve in Chianti, and therefore the golden anniversary of the EXPO Chianti Classico will be celebrated on the occasion, in program there are many initiatives planned.
So, even as it promises to be a special edition, the detail that always turns the Chianti festival into a winning formula is clearly the beautiful setting of Piazza Matteotti and the spontaneous simplicity and hospitality you receive in the introduction of tasting our local wines with the famous brand “Gallo Nero”.

Buy a glass and let yourself be transported between the stands of the fair with the same adventurous spirit of the native explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, who observes you from the top of his statue, and walk slowly in search of your favorite wine, and among small sips of excellent Classico and vintage reserves try to find some interesting wineries to visit in the future.
Remember that, under the organization of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium, the exhibition includes the largest number of participating companies, and has always taken into account the importance and unity of the great territory.
With less emphasis but not less importance, on the weekends immediately following the Expo and always in the Florentine Chianti area there are the events of Panzano and Montefioralle to keep in mind. These were born more recently with a completely independent iniziative, compared to the event held in Greve.
The atmosphere of Piazza Bucciarelli in Panzano or of the Castle in Montefioralle is certainly more peculiar and intimate. The stands are fewer and only local companies can participate in the festival. For these companies, the aim is not only to make themselves known better to the public, but it is also an opportunity for open discussion with the neighborhood, and in addition of tasting excellent wines, everything is often accompanied by good Tuscan food and music.
The convenience of participating in this type of events therefore not only helps people to get closer to a specific product and its producer, but to enter into the essence of the cultural and historical scenery that surrounds the whole world of Chianti Classico.

That said, if you don’t have a way to come during the month of September, don’t worry, we have so many ways to let you taste and learn everything about our good Chianti wines. The solutions for us are endless and guiding you on a special tour to excellent wineries or related events will always be a great experience.

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