To keep our clients updated Chianti Pro Driver proposes new contents and ideas to talk about us and to
suggest future destinations, events, occasions to discover more intensely our beutiful territory.
To open our new “blog” we propose an interview we recently had with an important agency, inquiring
about us

When did you set up Chianti Pro Driver?

After four years of experience in two different transportation companies in Florence and Siena, I  felt ready
to start something on my own. I had always been appreciated by the owners, the agencies and the
customers who had  requested me as their private driving guide for their top tours in or outside of Tuscany
and often  I was required for VIP special services,. Therefore I was convinced to create something different
and challenging  in a vaster reality than just Florence, in the lovely Chianti area where I am lucky enough to
live with a higher quality standard. So, I founded my personal company two years ago.
Inspired by the great passion I have for  this kind of work, I took all possible efforts to transform this dream
into reality founding  Chianti Pro Driver. Although my company is fairly young, I already count on
considerable experience.

What makes your company different from other people doing similar tours?

I feel confident enough in proposing infinite solutions to the customers, obviously following their requests
and desires. Having a set itinerary, only if there is something valuable to be seen alongside that may catch
their interest, I would suggest a pleasant detour or stop, to then return to our programmed route.
Probably, what makes my company different from others is an intense knowledge of the territory and
hidden sites unknown to classical tours. Has a graduate and passionate of art, always keen to explore new
discoveries, I try to propose without an excessive engagement for the customer a good mix of fun between
culture, tradition, typical products and their tasting.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Apart of the pleasure of personal contact with new acquaintances and old customers who return to travel
with me, the best and most pleasant part of my work besides of seeing a person satisfied, is to have taken
them to live something extremely unique  and experience something beautiful wishing to repeat it soon
again, and extending it in another personalized tour, or telling family and friends, leaving a comment or
receiving a nice review on my activity

What would you say is the most challenging part of your work? And the most rewarding?

According to my point of view, in this type of work there are different challenging parts: certainly for a
driver is requested a good dose of calm and patience, proving maximum availability and flexibility towards
the customer and driving to work always with extreme care and safety. As well, the organization of any
kind of ride requires a great deal of attention of all details and correctness towards the customer. Having to
adapt quickly to modulate a new request or proposal of work according to adequate conditions means
great responsibility, as well on the road as in the office. Anyhow, thanks to my work I have the chance to
travel often in beautiful areas, and although the itineraries may be same in certain periods, my days are
never the same and this for me is very important and makes me enjoy my work in every aspect. The other
fundamental reason as previously mentioned is to make it a happy experience for my guests aboard,
particularly during a tour.